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Data CleaningData Cleaning - Raw data can often be full of errors which must be cleaned out before further processing. There may be duplicate records, logical errors or fields that must be reformatted. For large databases or data files the task of cleaning out these errors can be a difficult one. DVR will get your data clean using custom software specifically designed to clean errors and inconsistencies in data files and databases.
  Data MergingData Merging - DVR can merge data from most popular file and database formats with data stored in another file or database. Take e-mail addresses from a Word document and merge them into your customer information database or merge the results of a recent study into a master database containing all the previous results. DVR is equipped to handle all file formats commonly used by the market research industry.
        Data Extraction Extraction - Isolate data from a file or database based on your specific criteria. This extracted data can then be merged with other data sources or presented as a list. DVR can extract data from most file formats and can present the information in a variety of different formats.
        Other ServicesMore Data Processing Services offered by Data Vision Research include custom programming using Inprise (Borland) Delphi, database design, database maintenance and consulting services in data processing or market research.
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