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  Web surveys offered by Data Vision Research Inc. are created by, the web survey division of DVR geared specifically for the development and deployment of Internet-based market research surveys. The link to the sample survey will lead to the sample survey located at You may contact us concerning Web surveys through either site.

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  Question? Why a Web survey?
    The number of individuals using the Internet grows exponentially every year. They represent an enormous respondent pool that can be tapped into for a variety of market research and questionnaire projects. As it becomes increasingly difficult to solicit respondents through traditional means such as telephone interviewing and mail surveys, the Web becomes the obvious successor.
      Question? How can a Web survey be used?


      Any way you want. A Web survey may be used as the exclusive means of data collection in a study or it may be used in conjunction with other data collection methods. Any study relating to technology, computers, software, or related topic is an ideal candidate for a Web survey. If you have a new or existing project which uses traditional data collection methods, an online version can be offered as an alternative means of completing the survey.
        Question? What else besides market research studies?
          Lots of things. Data Vision Research can design a survey covering any topic you would like: customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, Web site feedback, new product feedback, advertising research, demographics information, opinion poll or anything you would like to ask the world.
        Question? Can it save money?
          Possibly. Postage and telephone charges are eliminated. So are printing and handling expenses. If these costs typically comprise a large part of your expenditures, a Web survey may eliminate or at least mitigate them. If you are looking to include respondents from overseas, the Web is definitely the best route. In addition, data entry is done by the RESPONDENT! Isn't that nice? And since responses can be validated while they are completing the survey, data can be partially cleaned before it's even recorded!
        Question? What do I do with the results?
          Data collected through a Web survey can be processed and tabulated by DVR or presented to clients in most popular data formats. Most commonly the data from market research studies is converted to fixed-length ASCII or column binary, but it can also be converted into a database or spread sheet format.
        Question? Aren't all Web surveys ugly?
          You might think so, but the answer is no. We have all seen this type of Web survey:

Q. What is your favorite color?
None of the above

          Online surveys designed by DVR are readable, organized, and colorful. Browse the examples in the left hand column to see what we mean. In addition, a variety of question types can be represented including grid questions.
        Question? So how do I get my questionnaire on the Web?
Why, just contact Data Vision Research! (or

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